We've been working very hard since 2016 to build a tool for online entrepreneurs (like you), to reduce the effort and time involved while discovering books that can be bought cheaper and sold at profit.
BooksPatrol can be used to:

  • 1. Receive realtime email alerts whenever we find books that could be bought cheaper (than it's usual Selling Price), and sold with profits, fulfilled via Amazon or Merchant.
  • 2. Search from the deals (books that could bought cheaper than it's usual Selling Price) that we observed during the past 6 hours.

FEATURE #1: Realtime Email Alerts:

Suppose one of the sellers on Amazon.com has listed a book (which recorded sales around $35 during the past year) at $15. Our tool while scanning through the Amazon's whole Books catalogue, will pick up this deal and send you an email instantly with:

  • a) It's salesrank.
  • b) Dates (along with quantity) when the book is believed to record sales during the past year.
  • c) It's usual selling Price ($35 in above example).
  • d) Lowest FBM right now ($15 in above example).
  • e) Current Lowest FBA listing price (if available).
  • f) Current BuyBox Price (if available).

You could, however, customise the email alerts that you receive by setting your own filters as shown in the screenshots below.

FEATURE #2: Livesearch

Suppose you wish to receive instant email alerts only for the books that can be sold with a profit of $20 or above. However, you can use the Livesearch feature to search from the deals with any Profit/ROI filters that we've discovered during the past 6 hours.