Finding inventory using BooksPatrol is as easy as 1..2..3

using bookspatrol to find cheap books to sell online

So what's this all about?

Using BooksPatrol you can find cheap books to buy from amazon and resell them back on amazon to make a profit.

How does this work?

BooksPatrol keeps an eye on top selling books on comparing their current lowest merchant fulfilled prices and sales rank with past 6 months of data compiled from several sources (including eBay, Keepa, etc.).
How does it help you?
1. First the software uses powerful filters to find cheap books on amazon with the greatest chance of having a high FBA price.
2. BooksPatrol not only finds these books it also helps you analyse the book flip ability and then calculate your potential profits.

How is BooksPatrol different/better from other arbitrage softwares?

  • It’s Easy: No complex dashboard options. Simply log in and tell us your budget and the ROI you are expecting and we'll take it from there. You don't have to be logged in all the time waiting for new flip-able books to pop into some engineered dashboard.
  • Realtime Alerts: Never miss a deal even when you're not around a computer. As soon as we find a book matching your expectations (Read more about filters here), we'll send you an email right away!
  • FBA, BuyBox & eBay Filters: Our search engine bot monitors 1 Million Books from Amazon at the same time. Thus, it is capable of finding thousands of low priced merchant listings that you can sell at higher FBA price to make profits. But using our powerful filters, you can avoid going through all of these alerts and receive alerts only when there is a lower or no FBA competition at all.
  • No false alerts: Looking up seller's profile before suggesting you any book to buy from Amazon. This saves you from the trouble of getting your orders canceled that are listed by some unreliable/new/unpopular sellers.
  • It helps you decide the selling price: Instead of searching several websites looking for statistical sales data of the book you're planning to flip (buy low and sell high), we tried to put everything in a single email for you to decide if it is worthwhile buying a book for a "certain price".

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